CHM piano students August 2020 session at Scratch Studios, Liverpool

This summer, I took several of my piano students to Scratch Studios in Liverpool to put down some of their piano music. Here it is. It was a great day. Recording is an important part of developing confidence and refining pianistic technique.

Solfeggio C P E Bach, performed by Adam S

Adam performs Brian Bonsor’s “Feelin’ Good”

Isaac Albeniz Tango. Performed by Danny

Brian Bonsor Feelin’ Good. Performed by Danny L

Kabelevsky’s Clowns performed by Thomas C

Mozart Allegretto performed by Thomas

Beaumont’s Dancers of Taranto performed by Thomas C

Margery McHale’s Courtly Dance performed by Zach J.

Schoenmehl’s Somersault King played by Zach

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