About Liverpool SONG

SONG is an exciting new vocal band, based in Norris Green, Liverpool. We are a group of professional, semi-pro and amateur singers and instrumentalists. SONG is an acronym of Singers of Norris Green. We rehearse every Thursday in St Teresa’s Church in Norris Green. Our musical excellence and strong commitment to our local community has earned us funding from the National Lottery.

SONG perform well-loved repertoire from popular, classical, music theatre and church music genres. Our musical director Catherine Harrison produces bespoke musical arrangements that bring out the very best in each singer.

Book SONG for your special occasion

To book SONG for your special occasion, please drop a WhatsApp message to Catherine on 07840 114297. Or email catherine@catherineharrison.co.uk.

SONG started as a result of a February-2022 conversation that our founding members had with Fr Carl Mugan, the dynamic parish priest of St Teresa’s Church in Norris Green. It is because of Fr Carl’s support and encouragement that SONG was launched. SONG is now run by a committee of dedicated members. Local piano teacher and law professional Jenny Fraser is our Chair.

SONG run weekly choir and band rehearsals, perform one concert per term and make audio-visual recordings of our music. To join SONG, you need to be:

– over 18 years old

– able to sing in pitch and blend vocally with the other singers

– commit to weekly rehearsals and to our periodic public performances

Rehearsals are on Thursdays, during term time from 1930–2130 hours,  at St Teresa’s Church, L11. There is no fee. If you would like to join SONG, contact SONG Musical Director Catherine on 07840 114297 or catherine@catherineharrisonarts.co.uk.

The SONG Line-up

SONG rehearsals and performances are supported by corps of outstanding musicians. Liverpool composer and violinist, formerly with the Liverpool Philharmonic, Richard Gordon-Smith, who is also a fine tenor, has been with us from the beginning. Liverpool singer-songwriter John Henry brings his luscious baritone and outstanding instrumental skills. Ruediger Schack varies bewitching SONG clarinet solos with his day job as an internationally acclaimed physicist. The honey and smoldering-coal vocal of Liverpool singer-songwriter Sophie Mac is a staple of the SONG soundscape. Liverpool-based Scratch Studio sound engineer our major performances. We also use Scratch for SONG studio and live recording projects.


Musical Director Catherine Harrison

Catherine Harrison is delighted to have been appointed as musical director of Liverpool SONG. Catherine is a graduate of St Andrews, Liverpool, London and Open Universities, and holds post-graduate teaching certificates in piano and music pedagogy. An accomplished music teacher, director, producer, arranger, repetiteur and performer, Catherine  is also a critically acclaimed author (pseudonym Charlotte Pickering). The second edition of her Liverpool-based novel, Messiah of the Slums features a foreword by the late former Booker Prize Chair, Sir Gerald Kaufman. Cambridge University’s Lord Rowan Williams wrote the afterword to this edition.

Agnes – SONG mezzo soprano

Dennis – SONG baritone

Agnes : I like the company and variety of the music. Rather than doing the primordial scream I can sing out all my feelings.
Dennis: I love the company and the music and I’m learning a lot. I’ve come out of my shell a lot.

Beth – SONG mezzo soprano

I love being part of SONG group and singing a variety of songs in harmony  with other members of the group

I always look forward to spending time with the diverse SONG Members, learn new songs and bring joy to others through music.  Thank you💕

Colette – SONG alto

SONG gives me the opportunity to sing and perform with a diverse and interesting mix of individuals. This includes professional musicians whose expertise I admire. I’ve always loved music and singing and enjoy meeting people, so it provides a perfect pastime for me. Also, I grew up in Norris Green and I’m proud to be part of an initiative developed there.

Faith – SONG soprano

I love being a part of song, I am the youngest member of the family. SONG has really brought out my confidence and helped my voice so much. I love how diverse SONG is and all our voices come together so well. I love how much we have grown as a group.

Seeing all the amazing voices in the band really inspires me. When I sing and see the reactions from professional singers it makes me feel…. So hard to put into words…. Special.

I can say I’m very grateful to be part of the very talented amazing song!❤️”

Fr Carl – SONG Founder

SONG is a group of highly talented individuals who enjoy making wonderful music together… I am always lifted when I hear the beautiful sound they make. I have a very eclectic taste in music…but my favourite era has to be the good old 80s !!

Gary – SONG percussionist and baritone

It’s been a real boost to my confidence to be involved with such a great band of singers and musicians.  Keep the faith.”

Jed – SONG baritone

I am always blown away by SONG’s eclectic range, from the classical to the contemporary. And, of course, the outstanding standard of our musicians.

Dawn – mezzo soprano

As much as I’ve always loved singing I didn’t have the confidence to put myself forward for a choir. However, I summoned the courage and joined SONG in March 2023 and I’m so glad I did because its helped me through a rough patch. I love meeting up with my new found family, SONG Liverpool. Rehearsal nights are my escape and a chance to work on rebuilding my confidence and self worth. What better way to do it, with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.

John – SONG baritone, keyboards and guitar

Really enjoying being a member of SONG. Lovely people and great music.

Mimi – SONG drummer, guitarist and alto

Being part of SONG is incredible, working with a range of different people to produce high quality performances across Liverpool is so worthwhile. It’s amazing how a group of people can produce such an amazing sound. This is fantastic for the community and for building relationships with people from all walks of life.

Richard – SONG tenor, violinist and orchestrator

I haven’t had this much fun with music since I left the Phil eighteen years ago. To rediscover I can sing (after an even longer hiatus) has been delightful. Best of all has been all the new friends I have made and the new music we are making together. Thank you, SONG!

Sophie – SONG mezzo soprano soloist

SONG is special to me in more ways than just music. As a solo artist who has spent most of my years working on my own original songs that barely made it out my bedroom, the opportunity to be in SONG came to me at a time I decided to step out my comfort zone and pursue my passion. It gave me that extra boost I needed. Catherine (our MD) not only saw something in me, but as an extremely talented, understanding pure soul who knows how to bring the best out in people, helped me raise the bar when it came to my vocals and gave me confidence I didn’t think was possible.

“But SONG isn’t just about the insanely incredible sound we have accomplished as a group. It’s about the people, the bond we have, the individuality and uniqueness, friendships, support, honesty, dedication, gratitude. And of course, it’s  truly safe place where all walks of life and levels of talent can express themselves through the art of music. I am very grateful to each member of the group and feel blessed, as SONG has now become part of a journey I thought I’d be walking alone!”

Tom – SONG guitarist and baritone

SONG has given me confidence in my own musical ability and encourages expression within the band.

Jenny – SONG mezzo soprano

Being part of SONG is a fantastic opportunity. Catherine is wonderful and encourages everyone to fulfil their potential, even when you didn’t think you had it in you! I have met so many amazing people and we always have such a laugh at rehearsals whilst learning so much. Thank you SONG!

Carol – SONG mezzo soprano

I finally found a photo,. A massive thanks Catherine for all your hard work and inspiration. I absolutely love this choir. It has been fabulous meeting such awesome people.

Lisa – SONG mezzo soprano

This group has been so welcoming, and I feel my confidence is growing with each session. There’s a great mix of people, some with a lot of skills and experience and some who haven’t really sung since school. It’s a commitment I’m happy to make because I’ts good fun and good company.

Catherine – SONG musical director

I feel so privileged to be part of Liverpool SONG. The group is so creative and talented. No matter how hard or humdrum the week has been for us, we are always up for a new musical challenge and united in our desire to produce the best sound possible. SONG is a communion of people and sound, a place where I feel valued and accepted. It is somewhere that I can be, simultaneously, an artist and a team player. It has given me the chance to make lovely, lifelong friends (like my gorgeous buddy Nanette, pictured here). Each SONG rehearsal is the highlight of my week

Nanette – SONG mezzo soprano

Although apprehensive initially, I realized how fortunate I was to be afforded the opportunity to be part of such a talented group of musicians and singers. A privilege I nearly gave up but for the kindness and wisdom of our Leader Catherine (SPECIAL LADY). All members of SONG are so friendly and welcoming I feel I’m in a place where I belong.NO MORE LONELINESS. Thanks to all.

Recent Gigs

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